If you are participating as either a speaker or poster presenter at Blood 2018, please read through the information below. If you have any queries please contact blood@tcc.co.nz.



All presenting authors (oral and poster) must register and pay for the Meeting by September 4th.  You can register by clicking here, if you have not registered by the deadline advised, we may remove your presentation / poster from the program.


Oral Presentations

If your acceptance email advised you were accepted for an 'Oral presentation', please read this section carefully.

Your oral presentation is comprised of a presentation followed by questions and answers. Please refer to your confirmation email for your oral duration.

Slide Setup

Please save your slide setup in 16:9 ratio (widescreen) to fit the projection being used. 

If you have any disclosures to make (such as conflict of interest or funding support from commercial organisations) please ensure you include a slide at the start of your presentation.

If you would like to use the Blood 2018 powerpoint template, please click here to download it.

At The Venue

Your venue will be equipped with a laptop and data projector and you will have the choice of a lectern microphone, lapel microphone or handheld microphone.  If you require any other equipment please advise us (blood@tcc.co.nz). The venue is also set up for Mac users.

Please load your presentation at the speaker’s preparation room at least 2 hours prior to your presentation.  We recommend bringing two copies of your presentation on two separate memory sticks.

The room will be open at the following times:

Sunday 20 October                       0700 – 1700hrs
Monday 21 October                      0730 – 1700hrs
Tuesday 22 October                      0730 – 1700hrs
Wednesday 23 October                0800 – 1200hrs



Poster Presentations

If your acceptance email advised you were accepted for a 'Poster Presentation', please read this section carefully.

The provided poster artwork has been printed and will be available for collection from the HAA 2017 Registration Desk. Posters are available to be collected on Saturday 28th from 1300hrs - 1700hrs and on Sunday 29th October from 0800. Please bring the poster number of the posters you will be collecting. You will then need to take these to the Exhibition Hall to display them on the assigned poster board.

Posters will be viewable from 0930hrs Sunday to 1600hrs Tuesday. You are requested to hang your poster by 1200hrs on Sunday 29th October.  Your poster must be removed by 1600hrs Tuesday or it will be destroyed, posters may not be removed before 1030hrs Tuesday 31st October.

There is one dedicated Poster Session scheduled from 1600 - 1730 on Monday 30th October.  Presenters are expected to be by their poster during this session.


If you have any queries please contact The Conference Company via email: blood@tcc.co.nz